Download and Installation

The game with scripts and licenses can be downloaded from this gitHub repository.

Installation instructions

1. Download and install Blender for your operating system from

2. Download and install git from

3. Download pySerial (source) from

3.1 Unpack the folder pyserial-3.x.x

3.2 from the folder pyserial-3.x copy the “serial” folder and “pyserial.egg-info” folder to




C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.70\python\lib\site-packages

For more information on how to get the Arduino and Mac/Windows to communicate, see for instance this web page

4 Download and install Arduino software at the Arduino home page

4.1 Start the Arduino software. Load and run the script ReadAnalogVoltageDelay.ino to activate the Arduino.

4.2 Select Port under Tools/Ports

4.3 Check the Arduino monitor (Tools/Serial Monitor) to see that you have a signal.

5 Check out the scripts from the GitHub repository

5.1 Download the Savanda Game binary from the release page at the GitHub repository

6 Start Blender and load the Savanda binary.

6.1 In Blender (Text Editor) open the script (included in the git repository). Change the port in line 3 (serialPort = serial.Serial(‘/dev/cu.usbmodem1411’, 9600)) to the same port you selected in part 4.2. Run the script once with the respiration belt relaxed (corresponding to exhale) and once with the respiration belt stretched (corresponding to inhale). Write down the results.

6.2 In Blender (Text Editor) open the script and change the port to the same as in part 4.2

6.3 In Blender (Text Editor) open the script and replace the two parameters signalExhale and signalInhale with the values measured in the calibration.

7 Ready to play the game