Setting up the Arduino kit

Arduino in an open source electronic platform based on user-friendly software and hardware. In Savanda, the Arduino is used as an interface between the respiratory belt and the computer. The purpose is to create a suitable electronic circuit in the Arduino kit for measuring the stretch in the electrolycra. In the circuit in the figure below, The respiratory belt is connected on the Arduino between V_{In} = 3.3 V and ”analog input A0” which is the first pin on the Arduino. We denote this analog input pin ”analog input A0” as V_{Out}. A resistance of R_1 = 20 Ohms is connected between ground and V_{Out}. The electrolycra R_{Electrolycra} works as a variable resistor, depending on the stretch of the material, denoted l. Since V_{Out}, measured by the Arduino, depends on R_{Electrolycra} according to the relation V_{Out}=V_{In}\frac{R_{1}}{R_{1}+R_{Electrolycra}} and R_{Electrolycra} depends on the stretch l, therefore V_{Out} can be used as a quantity to measure the stretch l.


Circuit diagram of parts connected to the Arduino.


Image of the Arduino kit and its connected parts.