Savanda is a combined respiratory belt and game, based on easily accessible hardware and open source software. The purpose is to focus on the task at hand, in order to calm the breathing and become more relaxed. Accessibility has been one of the primary goals in the development of the game. The idea is for the open-source community to develop this concept further. Savanda is an innovation by Savantic AB.

The following is needed for using Savanda:

  • A respiratory belt. This can be made from readily available consumer products. More information on how to make a respiratory belt can be found on the page Making a respiratory belt.
  • An Arduino kit with a resistor and cables to connect to the respiratory belt. More information about this kit can be found on the page Setting up the Arduino kit.
  • An installation of the open-source Blender software and the pySerial package. You can read more about this on the page Download and Installation.